Your reviewing Indinfer’s response priorities (below) will help you know whether to expect a response and when to expect a response.

Email: webmaster

Telephone, (if no answer, leave message): 443-873-2235.

Regular mail street address:

5719 Narcissus Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215-3551

You might want to contact Indinfer (priority in parentheses):

  • To verify safety of this website. (High)
  • To ask pre-purchase and post-purchase questions. (High)
  • For product support. (High)
  • To report a spelling or grammar error. (High)
  • To report a bug or other problem with this website or the purchase process. (High)
  • To discuss a business opportunity or submit a resume. (Low)
  • Or anything else. (?)

Due to the smallness of Indinfer (see About) and resulting limited time and people resources, Indinfer assigns priorities to communications, and may not respond at all to low priority communications.

High priority gets response from immediately to within four days. Low priority and “High or Low” priority may take longer to get a response or may never get a response. For example, a business opportunity or job resume would get a response only when there is possible interest.

Spamming Indinfer results in Indinfer’s changing the email address. Changing the email address will affect both customers and spammers. Get the current email address from this website.