Indinfer Privacy Policy

Independent Inference, Inc. (also known by trademark “Indinfer”) does not use cookies or any other means to collect information about you without your knowledge. On the other hand, Indinfer does collect information about you that you knowingly give to Indinfer, for instance, when you purchase a product from Indinfer or fill out a web form and click submit or the like.

Indinfer will ask your permission before sharing your information with any third parties. If you do not respond to Indinfer’s request for permission, Indinfer will not share.

The exception is if required by law or by a government agency or the like, Indinfer will share your information, and if permitted, will tell you.

Indinfer will not secretly collect information about you. Indinfer will use all information you knowingly provide to provide the products and services that you purchase and for any legal purpose Indinfer.

To protect your information, Indinfer does not store your information on any publicly accessible computer. Your information is stored on eSellerate or similar services but not shared with eSellerate or similar services. That means Indinfer will not grant permission to eSellerate and other similar third parties to gain access to your information for any purpose without your knowledge and permission.

Address any questions and concerns to Indinfer (See Contact).

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